As part of their Born Pink World Tour, BLACKPINK the four-member girl group has been performing throughout Asia, Europe, and America. In the midst of this, reports indicate that the girls’ exclusive deal with their label, YG Entertainment, will be terminated. According to The Kpop Herald, the girls would subsequently join YG’s sister label, The Black Label.

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According to sources, YG Entertainment controls The Black Label as a subsidiary label to the tune of 20-50%.

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Taeyang also left YG Entertainment for The Black Label earlier this week. Aside from that, another K-pop group, iKON, has departed the label. It is unclear where the group will go from here, but according to a statement, the members of the K-pop trio have mutually chosen to cancel their contract with YG Entertainment.

YG Entertainment presently manages four notable groups: BLACKPINK, BTS, TREASURE, and WINNER.

Fans believe that YG Entertainment is letting the Pink Venom vocalists go to The Black Label on purpose so that they can create a new group under their agency. Meanwhile, the majority of fans are hoping that the members would eventually create their own labels and Jisoo will make her long-awaited solo debut.

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BLACKPINK’s seven-year contract will expire in the second half of 2023. They are expected to leave YG Entertainment and sign with Teddy Park’s The Black Label instead.

Furthermore, many feel that YG Entertainment is undergoing a major revamp and re-organisation of their agency. If that happens, instead of all artists and groups working directly under YG Entertainment, there may be many subsidiaries and associate labels under the main firm for better management.