Creel House, the childhood home of Stranger Things’ antagonist Vecna, has officially gone on sale for $ 1.5 million through brokerage Toles, Temple, and Wright. The house, which was shown as the home of the Creel family in the popular show, is a 140-year-old mansion located at 906 E 2nd Avenue in Rome, Georgia, USA.   

The latest season of Stranger Things released in May 2022 and showed the house as a crucial part of the Netflix show. Vecna, the antagonist is seen as a regular boy, Henry Creel, as the story documents his life and upbringing in the house through flashbacks. When he realizes he has psychokinetic powers, he misuses them to hurt others and eventually kills his own mother and sister.  

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According to the listing, the seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom, 6,000 square ft mansion was constructed by Colonel Hamilton Yancey in 1882. It is currently the property of a married couple, Shane Fatland and Bryan Schreier, who bought the house in 2019 for $350,000. They had reportedly spent more than $500,000 to renovate the house and restore it to its Victorian glory, but with a modern twist.

Many of the mansion’s original features, such as the handcrafted built-in bookshelves, cabinetry, and an antique wall safe are still intact. However, many modern changes were also made, including new kitchen appliances, custom cabinetry, and a 15-foot-island draped in black marble.

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The property also includes a guest house, located behind the main mansion. According to the listing, it has a sitting room, two or three bedrooms, a kitchen, and a renovated bathroom. Fatland and Schreier revealed that they stayed at the guest house during the filming of the series, which continued on and off for around 18 months because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The couple also revealed that a location scout dropped by their house in October 2019, asking if they would be open to filming at the location. When they didn’t take it seriously, they were officially pitched the idea by the scout. Filming for Stranger Things began after they agreed to the idea, however, about six months later, they came to know their house was being filmed for the fourth season of the Netflix show.