It is hardly surprising that the Despicable Me franchise is
Illumination Entertainment’s most well-known product, and although the movie
has garnered a lot of positive reviews, it has also earned its fair share of
negative remarks.

time you see a Despicable Me movie, something new stands out. It’s either that
in an era of comedy cartoons, the fact that these films are classics speaks for
itself or the fact that I’m always perplexed by how kid-friendly some of these
movies are, not to mention the immaculate animation and creativity of the

films follow Gru (Steve Carell), a former supervillain who has transformed into
a loving family guy, and his devoted Minions as they traverse a world of crime.

the studio is back with its new production, Minions: The Rise of Gru, which is
on the brink of release, here are the Despicable Me movies ranked from best to


The company’s
most popular original work is Minions. There is no other justification for the
existence of this film other than the fact that it grossed more than $1.1
billion at global box offices. Ever since the movie has been released, the
audience has been demanding more from these tiny-pill-shaped creatures. These
adorable animals have shown that they work better as small bits of humour than
as the major characters in a feature film. The picture must have appealed to
the younger audience because that is one of the main reasons it fared well.
However, as everyone is aware, slapstick humour never sticks around for very
long before disappearing. Despite that, Minions was one of the top 25 movies on
Netflix in 2021.

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2.      Despicable
Me 3

continues the ongoing plot while introducing some intriguing new characters,
including Gru’s twin Dru and the new antagonist. Illumination’s most recent
endeavour is also one of its biggest let-downs. There is a lot to keep track of
and process, but the Minions excel at this by offering brief moments of comic
relief to break up the otherwise convoluted plot. Despite not being as popular
as its first two films, Despicable Me 3 nevertheless made more than $1 billion

3.      Despicable
Me (2010)

This film
is considered to be among the finest animated films ever made. Gru goes through
some significant character growth in the film as he struggles to raise his
kids. He transforms into a super dad for his adopted girls instead of a super
villain. The minions are also introduced in the film, and they once more did
not fail to make audiences laugh at various points throughout it.

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4.      Despicable
Me 2 (2013)

The film
enables viewers to learn a little bit more about the girls. Even though the
bond between Gru and his children remains the focal point of the plot, their
developing relationship serves as its emotional arc. Despite not being the main
focus of the movie but rather appearing in little doses, the minions nevertheless
managed to provide some enjoyable laughs.

Illumination Entertainment will be making a comeback with its new
production, Minions: The Rise of Gru, which was delayed for two years owing to
a coronavirus. The film will undoubtedly be held to the same standards as its