English television presenter Holly Willoughby, who just split up with Phillip Schofield, put the drama behind her as she boarded a helicopter on Friday to travel to “the wokest Glastonbury ever,” as per Daily Mail. She was accompanied by her husband Dan Baldwin as they made their way to a landing pad.

Schofield, her former co-host on ITV, resigned after admitting to an affair with a considerably younger male This Morning colleague.

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Willoughby wore a striped fringed jacket, denim cut-off shorts, and lace-up boots, which were the ideal outfit for a day at the festival. As she and Dan boarded the festival’s helicopter, two friends joined them. Arctic Monkeys will lead the festival’s first night on the Pyramid Stage.

After admitting to a ‘unwise, but not illegal’ romance with a younger male colleague, Schofield, 61, resigned from the channel and was fired by his agency YMU.

Since her return to This Morning on June 5, Willoughby has shrugged aside the turmoil surrounding Phillip’s departure and has delivered the show with a rotating cast of co-hosts.

The actress appeared to be in good spirits as she prepared to make her journey to Worthy Farm, where she would join hundreds of others for the annual celebration.

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Cruz Beckham was also photographed at the annual event, when he ate lunch with his girlfriend Tana Holding in the VIP area.

Despite fan excitement for this year’s festival, it has been dubbed the “wokest ever,” with Gen Zers foregoing the typical warm-up DJ sets and music in favor of political talks following a series of group training sessions.

Who is Dan Baldwin?

Daniel Baldwin is a TV producer. Baldwin was born in 1975.

He was a producer on the popular children’s program Ministry of Mayhem.

Baldwin is married to popular English television presenter Holly Willoughby who presented Ministry of Mayhem in 2004. The couple married in 2007.

He has collaborated with Willoughby on projects including Celebrity Juice. 

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In 2014, Dan also established Hungry Bear, an independent media outlet. He works as a development executive at Talkback Thames in addition to his business.

The couple has three children: Harry, 14, Belle, 11, and Chester, 8.