Singer and songwriter Kim Hyun-ah, who is popularly known as HyunA, in an Instagram post on Wednesday, announced her break up with South Korean rapper Dawn

“We broke up. We decided to remain as good friends and colleagues from now on,” she wrote in the post.

“Thank you always for your support and for looking over us fondly,” the South Korean singer added. 

A look at the complete timeline of their relationship – 

HyunA and Dawn started dating in May 2016

They made their relationship official in 2018.

“While we knew that [dating publicly] would cause us to be linked in some way, both of us felt that it would be hard to meet our fans’ eyes [while performing] on stage. We wanted to honestly tell our fans and show ourselves confidently having fun performing,” they said in a statement while confirming their romance.

They decided to go public with their romance without the approval of their agency, Cube Entertainment. This led to the agency ending their contracts. 

During an appearance on the show Knowing Bros, HyunA revealed that she had one-sided feelings for Dawn in the past.

“It was me… This is so embarrassing, but it was me who liked him first. I waited a year and a half for him” she said.

She also revealed that she was the first to confess her feelings.

“So I had a few drinks at this place close to my house, but I’m not a huge drinker. So, I got a little tipsy. I decided to walk that off a little, then called Dawn and told him how I felt,” she said.

In February 2022, the couple announced their engagement by showing off their matching rings in a social media post. 

HyunA captioned the image, “MARRY ME.”

Sharing a similar video, DAWN wrote, “Of course, it’s a Yes.”