Marvel Studios Animation Panel introduced the animated television series ‘I am Groot’ to people ahead of its streaming in August.  

Groot’s first appearance was in 2014 Marvel Cinematic Universe’s film ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.  The character sacrificed himself to be replaced by his son, ‘Baby Groot’. The series ‘I am Groot’ will explore Baby Groot’s adventures across the galaxy away from the guardians. 

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The trailer released showed Baby Groot’s adventures. He meets new characters and explores his glorious days of growing up and finds himself in perilous situations among the stars. Along with the trailer the writer, director and executive producer Kristen Lepore also gave a surprise screening of one of the shorts, “Groot Takes a Bath” at SDCC 2022. The short was highly humorous and focused on how Groot antagonizes a group of tiny creatures who look harmless but are armed to the teeth. A twist appears when Groot gets so scared that he farts a leaf and apparently it was the much needed thing to do in order to escape from the dangerous situation. 

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The animation style used in the series is fascinating with prodigious details not only for the protagonist Groot but also on the landscape and other characters that are present in the footage. 

‘I am Groot’ is the second animation MCU series to premiere on Disney+, after last year’s anthology series “What If…?”. This series is not the only spinoff to premiere this year. ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special’ will also be streaming on Disney+ this December. 

The panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 revealed that the initial five animated shorts of this series will premiere on August 10. The additional episodes of ‘I am Groot’ will be released later. Each of the five animated shorts will explore a different point of Groot’s childhood. The makers have also promised to include “several new and unusual characters” in this series.