Things got heated between Logan Paul and YouTube prankster JiDion in the backstage at the Prime fight card press conference featuring KSI, Tommy Fury, and Dillon Danis.

Here is the video that went viral of their confrontation:

Logan Paul is scheduled to take on Dillon Danis and KSI will be battling Tommy Fury at the upcoming Prime fight card. Logan brought out a massive cake featuring a KO’d Danis.

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JiDion, a popular YouTuber, who was in attendance at the press conference tried to steal the cake and gave some to the crowd. He tried the cake also gave a review of it, calling it “the cake’s a**.” He then showed up at the backstage when things got heated between him and Logan Paul.

Paul was quick to confront him as soon as he showed up at the backstage with some choice words, calling him a “two-faced b**ch.”

“How am I two-faced, Logan?” JiDion questioned. “I wasn’t the one laughing when Jake was making fun of me.” Providing additional context, Logan retorted, “I asked your corny ass to switch seats so I can join my date.”

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JiDion brought up an instance from Logan’s past during the confrontation when he accused the latter of not defending his brother, Jake Paul, against KSI’s comments. Paul insisted it was because he didn’t want to get into a fight with his business partner.

“You got a whole other fight to worry about,” JiDion dismissed the two were being separated. “I was keeping it jokes. You’re the one who called me out.”

It is still to be seen if the recent feud is a harbinger of a potential boxing match between the two. According to Dexerto, this is definitely not the last time that the pair is slated to end up crossing paths.