Loki, on Disney Plus, sees the Asgardian god of mischief on separate adventures and the first look for Season 2 was unveiled at the D23 Expo, Anaheim.

The character returns to TVA in the short clip. Loki is seen going back to the offices of the Time Variance Authority, for the first time since the end of Season 1. However, everything looks different as the TVA offices are rundown. Loki starts exploring and comes across a wall with a staff that opens up to show a statue of Kang. The primary antagonist of Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Four is a villainous variant who often fights the Avengers and Fantastic Four. 

Elsewhere, Sylvie is seen in what appears to be a record store in London, and several Loki variants start appearing there. Loki is also seen exchanging banter with Mobius. 

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Ke Huy Quan joins the cast as a new character, seen in the first look as the owner of a futuristic store. Season 2 is currently being filmed in the UK and Tom Hiddleston, who plays the Norse god, took to the stage to explain that Loki returns to the TVA, but nobody recognizes him there. 

Whether Loki is in a different timeline or a different plane of the multiverse will be explored in the season, which will attempt to answer how Loki got there. The first season was a success and started dealing with the multiverse in earnest, as Loki encountered his numerous variants. 

It had become Disney+’s most watched television series and Loki’s ending paved the way for Kang, who’s now become the chief villain in the current phase. 

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Loki Season 2 started filming this summer and the new instalment is expected to release next summer. While details remain under wraps, Kang out of confinement and Loki in an unfamiliar timeline, give viewers a lot to look forward to.