She-Hulk: Attorney at Law episode 3 sees Wong show up to testify at Emil Blonsky aka Abomination’s parole hearing, at the behest of his lawyer, Jennifer Walters, or She-Hulk

He shows up a little late, giving Walters a chance to show off her lawyering skills, calling a set of witnesses to speak to the change in Blonsky, from whence we last saw him as a Hulk’s blood-fuelled monster on a rampage. They also opened up about how Blonsky helped them do better. However, the board isn’t convinced, with the tape of the underground fight between Abomination and Wong – that we saw in Shang-Chi – having come into the media spotlight. They can’t forgive a man who broke out of maximum security to be part of an illegal brawl. 

This is where Wong’s testimony is pivotal and he starts off with the question, of whether the parole hearing members know kumite. 

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The Japanese word kumite translates to “grappling hands”, and is one of the three sections of karate training along with kata, and kihon, which means form and fundamentals, respectively. 

In kumite, an individual trains against an adversary. Wong had earlier told Walters that he helped Abomination out of the prison because he needed to train to be the Sorcerer Supreme and then used his position to ask for Blonsky to be let off.  

The fight, which is shown in the 2021 movie, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ended with Wong opening a portal at a pivotal moment to turn Abomination’s punch against him, knocking out the creature. 

He then opens a portal back to Blonsky’s prison and helps Abomination return to his cell. 

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Wong testifies as much that Blonsky wanted to return to serve out his time, whereas the Sorcerer Supreme had suggested he be at Kamar-Taj, the place in Nepal Doctor Strange visited and became a sorcerer. There’s talk about the place being lovely at that time of the year. Wong’s testimony and all else said at the hearing is enough to convince the board to let Blonsky out. 

However, they point out that Wong was suggesting a criminal that he escape, which put him in their crosshairs. The Sorcerer Supreme opens a portal and makes a quick getaway.