The Barbie movie, directed by Greta Gerwig and written by Noah Baumbach, has gone viral after the release of the second teaser trailer. The film stars Margot Robbie as Barbie and actor Ryan Gosling as Ken.

The movie’s marketing should be applauded for introducing the AI Barbie selfie generator, where people can put their pictures in the actual Barbie movie poster. It is a great way to get viewers involved in the movie and create a fanbase. 

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The poster can be made by visiting the website. The website can help make both a Barbie and a Ken poster.

The user can upload an already-taken picture or take a current picture through the camera and upload it to the website. Viewers will also not have to crop or edit the photo since the website will handle everything. 

With the photo registered within the website, users can crop and adjust the photo’s shape, size, and angle as per their likes. 

This is followed by choosing a tagline for the poster. Users can generate captions where the AI will generate catchy lines for your poster. Users can also customize their taglines for their Ken or Barbie Poster. 

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With taglines, the choice of colors is also up to the users. The website provides various bright colors, such as pink, yellow, blue, teal, etc.

Finally, the poster is prepared by the AI after taking into consideration our choices. Following this, users can download posters from the website and share them on social media. Users can curate their very own Barbie movie poster by following these simple steps. 

The AI has become viral, with fans posting posters with numerous celebrity faces.