The anticipation for Barbie, which is set to visit theatres in a few weeks, is growing, and Margot Robbie, who has been nominated for an Oscar, continues to be the film’s biggest lure. Although most people agree that the casting for a live-action Barbie couldn’t have been better, the Australian actress still has her share of detractors who believe she isn’t attractive enough for the role.

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What is ‘Margot Robbie is mid’ trend?

Followed by a reply to a tweet challenging people who believe the Australian actress is mid, the discussion seemed to really take off this morning.

An image of Robbie without makeup was included in the answer, which is what seems to have sparked the discussion. “This is her without makeup,” read the tweet. “Definitely mid.”

Over 20 million people have seen the tweet as of now.

Another user, @KILLTOPARTY, commented, “Margot Robbie was cast in Barbie explicitly because she isn’t pretty enough to alienate a female audience.”

However, there have also been contradictory arguments from fans who think Robbie’s casting as Barbie is perfect.

Questions have also been raised regarding the credibility of critics.

Tristan Tate recently expressed his support for Margot Robbie’s choice to play Barbie, despite the fact that some of his opinions have generally been absurd and quite contentious.

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His tweet stated, “I want everybody who says Margot Robbie isn’t attractive enough to play barbie to post photos of their wives/girlfriends.

Im tryna see something.”

Even though Andrew Tate’s brother is at the centre of another Twitter dispute sparked by Tristan Tate’s audacious approach of calling out Robbie’s sceptics, the vast majority of fans are happy with Robbie’s casting. Robbie wasn’t the early favourite for the job, though, as is typical in many Hollywood situations.

Renowned comedian Amy Schumer was the original choice for the role.

Although the Trainwreck actress withheld information about the causes of her departure for a number of years, the actress has now finally provided some clarification. The comedian later reasoned that the main reason for her departure from the lead role was due to creative disputes, which resulted to the cancellation of the original Diablo Cody-led Barbie. Cody claims that because Schumer intended to deviate from the character’s origins and give her a girl-boss feminist touch, it was ultimately scrapped and she was unable to write something that was authentic to the iconography.