A viral video of a woman in a dress dancing in the streets has gone viral. While the video has gone viral, many internet users have been sharing it with amusing captions. Furthermore, many Serbians think that if they pass by or approach the dancing lady, she will threaten them with a knife.

Take a look at the video-

Even though the video was originally posted in 2019, it has recently reappeared on social media with the same unsettling promises. There isn’t much proof of the woman’s presence, and many people think the video of her is real. Furthermore, there have been no accounts of her killing or assaulting even one person. The original 2019 video of the Serbian dancing woman may therefore be a hoax or a practical joke.

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The website Serbia Today, which included a film of the woman dancing in the streets, is where information about the Serbian dancing lady first went viral in 2019. The article stated that the video was purportedly taken in Belgrade, Serbia. Many also suggested that she might have injured a pregnant woman at the time, in connection with the allegation that the woman threatened people with a knife.

Numerous Serbian websites reported that the lady was also said to have been spotted close to the city hospital, where she was first spotted dancing. However, the Serbian dancing lady was nowhere to be found when the authorities began their investigation. This has furthered the claim’s mystique.

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Contrary to assertions, the Serbian dancing woman is not seen chasing or threatening anyone in the footage. In addition, there are no online news articles that can support the assertion made in the unsettling video.

While the video has recently become popular, the users reposting and re-sharing the clip have also garnered millions of views. The only thing that is known about the dancing woman as of right now is that no one has ever seen her visage. This may also be true because no one has seen her at the location where the viral footage is said to have been shot.

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Internet users have also noted how much her movements in the trending video resemble those of the Serbian traditional dance Kola.

It is impossible to know for sure if the video is genuine or not given a large number of videos of the Serbian lady that have been shared on social media and the ensuing deluge of claims and rumors.