Bollywood’s mega-star Shah Rukh Khan celebrated his three decades in the industry on Saturday by conducting a live session on Instagram to interact with fans. 

The 56-year-old began the session by expressing his gratitude, and talking about his upcoming action flick ‘Pathaan’. 

When one Instagram user asked him about working with actor Salman Khan in films such as ‘Karan Arjun’, the star responded: “With Salman Khan, there is no working experience. There is only love experience, happy experiences, friendly experiences and brotherly experiences. So, it is amazing whenever I get to work with him.”

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“We haven’t done a full-fledged film together apart from Karan Arjun, which also was not full-fledged as we were not together in it for too long. So, we get to work four-five days in a year sometimes. Last two years have been fantastic as I got to be in one of his films. I had a couple of days role with Kabir Khan. And he came in Zero and did a song with me. Now, in Pathaan. I don’t know if this is a secret but inshallah, I will try to be Tiger 3 also. So, it is great fun working with him,” he added.

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Both the actors are often pitted against each other, especially after a brawl they got into at Katrina Kaif’s birthday bash in 2008. However, after not speaking to each other for several years, the two reignited their friendship in 2014 and have maintained a cordial bond ever since.

Recently, the ‘Tiger 3’ actor shared the teaser of SRK’s ‘Jawan’ and wrote, “Mere jawaan bhai ready hai.”

The duo has worked in several films together, including ‘Karan Arjun’ (1995), ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ (1998), and ‘Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam’ (2002).

According to reports, Salman Khan will next be playing a cameo role in Shah Rukh Khan‘s ‘Pathaan’.