BTS, the popular South Korean boy band, is undergoing changes as each member pursues individual projects amidst their scheduled separation and military enlistment.

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South Korean boy band BTS has been a cultural phenomenon since their debut in 2013. The seven members of the group have been at the forefront of the Korean pop culture wave that has taken the world by storm, and their music has won over fans all over the globe. With their 10th anniversary approaching, fans are eagerly anticipating the band’s future.

One of the most prominent vocalists of the group, Jin, is currently serving his mandatory military enlistment, which is required for able-bodied men in South Korea. He is set to resume activities with the band in 2025, along with the other members who will also fulfill their military duties when they come of age.

Meanwhile, Suga, one of the group’s four rappers, has been working on solo projects. He released a self-titled mixtape in 2016 and has since written, produced, and performed several singles and albums on his own. Rolling Stone recently reported that he will embark on his first solo tour and even arrive in the United States this spring.

Another rapper in the group, J-Hope, has also released solo mixtapes and was the first member of BTS to enter the Billboard Hot 100 as a solo act back in 2019. He recently graduated from Global Cyber University with a degree in Broadcasting and Entertainment and has collaborated with American rapper J. Cole on a new single released in March 2023. He also starred in a documentary about his debut album, which began streaming on Disney Plus last month.

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As the leader of BTS, RM has been making strides in his solo career. He debuted as a solo act in June 2022 and released his studio album, Indigo, which peaked at number 3 on the Billboard 200. He has also collaborated with several prominent US artists, and he made history as the highest-charting Korean soloist in Billboard history.

Jimin, the other vocalist of the group, has co-written and been featured on a single with fellow K-Pop star Taeyang. He is also a global ambassador for Dior and a brand ambassador for Tiffany & Co. Fans are eagerly anticipating his debut solo album, which is set to be released on March 24.

Aside from being a member of BTS, singer V has also pursued acting and has appeared in several television dramas. He also starred in In the Soop: Friendcation, a reality series on Disney Plus, and appears in Jinny’s Kitchen, a cooking-travel series streaming exclusively on Prime Video.

Lastly, there’s Jungkook, another vocalist in the group who recently released a song for the FIFA World Cup soundtrack. He also performed the song, entitled “Dreamers,” at the 2022 FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony.

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BTS has been making waves in the entertainment industry for the past decade, and the individual pursuits of each member continue to captivate fans worldwide. Their music and cultural impact have paved the way for Korean pop culture to achieve global recognition, and it seems that their influence will only continue to grow.