Christopher Psaila, who co-owns a costume company in Hollywood, has taken legal action by filing a lawsuit against reality TV personality Erika Jayne, along with two of her assistants, present and former U.S. Secret Service agents, and American Express.

In this lawsuit, Psaila alleged corruption within federal law enforcement, claiming that it was done to favor Erika Jayne and her once-powerful husband, former Los Angeles attorney Tom Girardi.

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Christopher Psaila claimed in the 70-page lawsuit that Erika Jayne and her ex-husband “weaponized the Secret Service to maliciously prosecute” him in 2017 to obtain a $787,000 return from American Express at a time when the Girardi family was “in desperate financial straits.”

Who is Chris Psaila?

Chris Psaila is the co-owner of costume merchant Marco Marco. The company is known for designing outfits for numerous pop stars. He claimed that Erika Jayne and her two assistants were aware of their purchases of many costumes and services from his company in 2015 and 2016. However, they allegedly made false statements to both federal agents and American Express, stating that the charges on their credit card were not authorized.

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Psaila also asserted that the Secret Service conducted an irresponsible investigation into Erika Jayne and her team. He alleged that they intentionally overlooked important facts that could have cleared his name. 

In the legal documents, Psaila alleged that Erika and Tom intentionally misused the Secret Service to pursue a malicious prosecution against him. He believed that the former couple may have bribed agent Robert Savage, who was in charge of the Secret Service’s Los Angeles office at the time.

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According to Psaila, his working relationship with Erika began in 2014 and was problem-free until she made false allegations. She claimed that Psaila had accumulated $800,000 to $900,000 in unauthorized charges on her credit card between 2015 and 2016. Psaila firmly maintained that Erika received every clothing item and service for which these charges were made.