Hawkman (Carter Hall) is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was first created by Gardner Fox and Dennis Neville. It first appeared in Flash Comics #1 in January 1949. 

The character made the first onscreen appearance in the two-part 1979 TV special Legends of the Superheroes by Bill Nuckols appearing alongside Adam West and Burt Ward. Hawkman was later portrayed by Michael Shanks in Smallville and by Falk Hentschel in the CW’s Arrowverse. 

Hawkman will appear in the upcoming DC Extended Universe film, Black Adam. The character will be played by the 36-year-old American actor Aldis Hodge. The movie is scheduled to release on October 21, 2022, by Warner Bros. Pictures in the United States. 

Who is Hawkman?

Hawkman is a winged vigilante who fights crime using a flight harness made from Nth metal and a mace.

Hawkman’s secret identity is Carter Hall. There are two separate origins of Carter Hall, the Golden Age origin and the Post Hawkworld origin. Carter Hall is an archeologist and museum curator who lives out his destiny as a reincarnation of the ancient Egyptian prince Khufu using magic weaponry. Kartar Hol is another version that appeared in the Silver Age, an alien policeman from planet Thanagar with access to advanced technology. 

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The Golden Age Hawkman was granted the ability to breathe underwater by the sea god Poseidon. The Silver Age Hawkman had enhanced senses. He possessed a Thanagarian police spaceship and a variety of science-fiction weapons. 

Hawkman was a charter member of the Justice Society of America, beginning with All Star Comics #3. In issue #8 he became the JSA’s chairman. He was the only member of the JSA to appear in every adventure during the Golden Age of Comic Books. He last appeared in All Star Comics #57 in 1957. 

Hawkman was revived in The Brave and the Bold #34 in 1961. This Hawkman was named Kartar Hol. He became a member of the Justice League of America. 

Carter Hall’s lives throughout the Earth’s history include Prince Khufu, Silent Knight, Birdman, Dr. Carlo Salon, Nighthawk, and Carter Hall, the Golden-age version who was a member of the Justice Society of America. 

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In an interview with ScreenRant Aldis Hodge said, “My application of Carter was found in the synergy of all of the iterations that we know of Carter Hall. What are the most consistent traits that we understand Carter Hall or Katar Hol to be, and pull that into this? And hopefully, we can get to tell the backstory in origin in another film. But for now, I can’t spill those beans.”