Jamie Spears, Brittney Spears’ father came into the limelight recently when he finally spoke out about his daughter’s conservatorship to the Daily Mail.

The conservatorship was placed over Britney from February 2008 until November 2021 and gave Jamie control over her estate and financial matters. He was then able to supervise Britney’s professional and financial life.

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Who is Jamie Spears?

Jamie Parnell Spears was born in 1953, in Kentwood, Louisiana. When James was 13-years-old, his mother killed herself next to the grave of her infant son. Spears also survived a car crash that killed a 17-year-old football teammate.

Spears is the father of American singer Britney Spears. Spears was also her daughter’s conservator. His conservatorship over his daughter drew a lot of criticism.

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The conservatorship was placed over Britney from February 2008 until November 2021 and gave Jamie control over her estate and financial concerns. He was then able to oversee Britney’s professional and financial life.

The conservatorship also gave him control over her personal matters, including choices surrounding her children and her ability to get married.

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The conservatorship gave Jamie more control over Britney’s access to Sean, 17, and Jayden, 16, the two sons she shares with her ex-husband, 44-year-old Kevin Federline.

With the emergence of the #FreeBritney movement, which sought to end his daughter’s conservatorship, Spears gained notoriety as a public figure in 2019. Celebrities including Cher, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, and the non-profit American Civil Liberties Union expressed support for this initiative.

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Judge Brenda Penny requested “an expert evaluation” of the conservatorship during a hearing in May 2019. Following which, many accusations of conservatorship abuse, among others, were made, but Spears retained the conservatorship over his daughter.

Britney testified against her father on June 23, 2021, claiming that he had taken her against her will to a rehab and mental health institution in January 2019. She added that he has committed “conservatorship abuse” and that she is terrified of him. Britney argued that he should be held accountable for his conduct and should not be allowed to go.

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Spears submitted a petition to terminate his daughter’s conservatorship on September 7, 2021. On September 29, 2021, Judge Brenda Penny removed Spears as conservator.

The acts Jamie Spears, 70, took while Britney was in his conservatorship were defended in an interview with the Daily Mail that was made public on December 17, 2022. He maintained Britney’s tight relationship with her teenage sons Preston and Jayden and stated that the measures he took during the conservatorship were necessary to save her life.