Ryan Edwards’ wife Mackenzie filed for divorce from the Teen Mom star on Tuesday. Ashley’s Reality Roundup broke the news of the divorce first, and other reports later confirmed it after receiving the court records.

The filing for divorce comes just a few weeks after Ryan, 35, was last detained for abusing his wife Mackenzie, 26. According to reports, Mackenzie has hired a lawyer, and a judge has granted her interim custody of the couple’s two children, Jagger and Stella.

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Who is Mackenzie?

Mackenzie is the wife of Ryan Edwards, since she got married in 2017, and has two children with him. The two first met in a gym in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They made headlines by displaying their romance on MTV. Mackenzie and Ryan married in May 2016, after their popular engagement in December 2015. Their eye-catching wedding ceremony was broadcast on TV as well.

In January, she had asked that he stay away from her house and place of business and not speak to her. However, On February 23, police issued warrants for the Teen Mom star’s arrest for breaching the protective order and “stalking” Mackenzie.

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The mother of two outlined a series of alleged domestic abuse episodes with the former reality star in a petition. A description of a conflict that occurred on January 24 was also included in the petition.

In her statement, Mackenzie claimed, “I went to get kids and leave. He wouldn’t let me leave. Threw me down in the living room. Threw menthol nicotine in my eyes. [He] came into the bedroom where I was laying down. Pretending like he’s going to punch my face. Breaks the bed with me in it. Getting in my face yelling.”

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Ryan stated to the Sun that he never intended to cause harm to her and would have liked to sort things out at the time. However, he has not yet replied to the recent accusations.