Director of Scream VI Tyler Gillett talked about how the production of the movie was impacted by the absence of Neve Campbell, a longstanding franchise mainstay.

Neve Campbell, who has starred in every Scream movie from the franchise’s beginning in 1996, claims that she turned down the opportunity to return because she thought the offer that was provided to her did not match the value she brought to the franchise.

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Who is Neve Campbell?

Neve Campbell is an American actress who became known for her portrayal of Sidney Prescott in the horror film Scream. A native of New York City, she made her film debut with a supporting role as Anne Marie Fitzpatrick in David Lynch’s Blue Velvet.

Campbell has since appeared in a variety of independent films, including Wild Things, The Craft, and The Company. Campbell starred as Julia Salinger in the drama series Party of Five from 1995 to 2000 and made a cameo in Scream 2.

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Us Weekly ranked her as the 91st Most Beautiful Person in 2000. “I’m pretty happy with the list,” she told EW from her home in Los Angeles, where she keeps her own celebrity low profile and avoids the party circuit.

Neve Campbell is set to star opposite George Clooney and Jeff Bridges in a remake of the 1956 science-fiction thriller The Day The Earth Stood Still.

She is also slated to star in Psycho Beach Party, a comedy about surfers.

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Reports are circulating that the actress will replace Jennifer Garner as a new cast member of the series Alias. She’s also been asked to take over for Winona Ryder in director Tim Burton’s sci-fi fantasy Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Neve is married to Canadian actor Jeff Colt, whom she met while filming 1997’s Wild Things. “I’m not really a celebrity. And I don’t want to be one. There’s a lot out there, and I still think that you can keep your privacy and have a real life.”