A-list performers like Lionel Richie and Katy Perry were among the famous attendees for King Charles’ coronation. Prior to the commencement of the ceremony, Richie, 73, engaged in conversation with other guests while dressed sharply in a three-piece morning suit with a gold tie and grey trousers.

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The Coronation Concert featured performances by the American Idol judges on May 7, the day after Charles and Queen Camilla were crowned. Richie, who has known Charles, 74, for a long time, was chosen in 2019 to serve as The Prince’s Trust’s First Global Ambassador and First Chairman of the Global Ambassador Group.

After renowned musician Lionel Richie took the stage during King Charles III Coronation, many were left perplexed. Two of the popular singer’s best hits were played as part of the varied show that aired on Sunday night.

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However, some of the audience members were taken out of the performance when they noticed Richie, 72, sitting at his piano for a performance of his song Easy. Viewers expressed their worries about the aging pop artist on Twitter since they thought his facial features were different from what they were used to.

Many users on Twitter spoke about the same, with one saying, “Inner ears issues or just can no longer do it? Lionel Richie sorry but that sounded terrible”, and another tweeting, “Hello, Met Police, I’d like to report a murderer. Yes, his name is Lionel Richie and the victim is his own song. #CoronationConcert.”

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Following viewers’ harsh reviews of King Charles’ coronation concert, Lionel Ritchie’s performance was criticized. Those who watched it on television also criticized the sound systems for the concert.

There didn’t appear to be any sound problems for viewers watching the show live from Windsor Castle.
On social media, people, however, claimed that a broken microphone was to blame for some of the performances sounding ‘terrible’.