As fans eagerly await the third season of Disney+’s hit show The Mandalorian, showrunner Jon Favreau has teased that Baby Yoda, or Grogu, has developed new and greater Force powers.

The adorable and powerful Baby Yoda, also known as Grogu, is set to return to fans’ screens in the upcoming third season of Disney+’s hit series, The Mandalorian. The character has come a long way since his introduction as a kicker in the show’s debut episode and has now trained with Luke Skywalker, gained battle experience alongside Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin, and reunited with his beloved Mandalorian in The Book of Boba Fett.

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In a recent event in Spain, showrunner Jon Favreau revealed that Grogu has developed significantly since the end of The Book of Boba Fett and his training with Luke Skywalker. According to Favreau, “his Force powers have gotten greater,” and while the Force gives Grogu natural abilities, mentorship and training are necessary to unlock his full potential. 

“Grogu has developed a lot, and now time has even passed since The Book of Boba Fett and since he’s rained with Luke. As you can see, his Force powers have gotten greater,” he said, as per The Direct. 

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Director Rick Famuyiwa has also teased that Season 3 will see Grogu playing a more central role in the show’s plot, with incremental growth in his character development and relationship with Mando.

Despite already showcasing his impressive powers by levitating a Mudhorn and healing with his mind, there may be more for Grogu to explore on the Force power spectrum. Fans speculate that Season 3 could see the character accidentally slipping into the dark side and wielding Force Lightning or Force Choke to save Mando. Additionally, Grogu’s potential connection to the World Between Worlds could open up opportunities for multiversal travel.

Regardless of how Grogu’s development plays out in Season 3, fans can expect the beloved character to look as adorable as ever. The Mandalorian Season 3 is set to premiere on Disney+ on Wednesday, March 1.