While some couples eagerly await Valentine’s Day, couples miles away from each other often tend to feel lonely and glum on the romantic holiday. Here are 5 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you are in a long-distance relationship. 

1. Virtual Dates

Scheduling a virtual date with your partner is a fun activity for Valentine’s Day. Find a free slot in your routines and sit down in front of your computers with a beverage and a hearty meal. Light a candle right next to you to set the vibe. A virtual date can begin with a heart-to-heart conversation, enjoying a delicious meal together. Setting up a virtual date also helps you avoid long queues at restaurants on the big day.

2. Exchange gifts

Love has no boundaries, and neither do online deliveries. Even if you are away from your loved one, send them a thoughtful gift to make them feel loved, cherished, and cared for. Hampers, desserts, and cakes are a few gift ideas to choose from.

3. Write a letter

Handwritten letters are a lost art, so pen down your feelings this Valentine’s Day and send a heartfelt note to your partner. From writing all the reasons you love them, to reminiscing about your favourite memories with them, letters are great souvenirs to look back on whenever your partner misses you.

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4. Movie date

What’s Valentine’s Day without watching a romantic flick? A movie date will not only help you and your partner unwind after a long day but will also be a fun way to connect with each other. From laughing at comic scenes to impersonating characters, a movie date is an ideal activity for couples in long-distance relationships.

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5. Karaoke night 

Plan a virtual karaoke night and take turns with your partner to sing your heart out. Turn up a Valentine’s Day music playlist and decorate your room with neon lights for an additional ambience effect. Perform duets together and laugh off at each other’s off-beat singing.