Charanjit Singh Channi, the outgoing Technical Education Minister, has been named as the new Chief Minister of Punjab.

Channi is the MLA from the Chamkaur Sahib Assembly constituency. Previously, he was the leader of opposition in the Punjab Vidhan Sabha from 2015 to 2016. He succeeded Sunil Jakhar and was succeeded by HS Phoolka.

As the news about Charanjit Singh Channi becoming the new Chief Minister of Punjab came to surface, the BJP slammed Congress’ decision and said that it has lost all hopes in its party.

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Speaking exclusively to Opoyi, Telangana BJP chief spokesperson K Krishna Saagar Rao said, “I think Congress has lost all the options. It is out of options for selecting a new CM. So they got an interim CM as a band aid solution for the mess they have created on their own.”

He further went on to say that the Congress has fallen from the frying pan. “Presently, the Congress has fallen from the frying pan. It has caused grave injuries by having Charanjit Singh Channi as the CM. This man has a history of abusing women.. has a history believing in superstition.. and a history of abusing power. So, if Congress has chosen him over Amarinder Singh, that actually exposes Congress’ duplicity and hypocrisy in talking about quality politics,” he said.

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Reacting to an incident when Channi had flipped a coin to decide on the right candidate, out of two nominees, for the post of a lecturer in a polytechnic institute, Rao said, “We believe he does not have any medal to govern. He will be a flip-a-coin CM. And the rest of the term, he will flip coins and govern.”

However, this incident had left the Congress embarrassed. The Congress said that the minister’s intention was to allot the posts in a “transparent” manner after a video clip of his “toss” act went viral on social media.