Headlined by Post Malone, Pokémon Day’s 25th-anniversary virtual concert happened on February 27. 

The end of the concert showcased an ambiguous card on the screen with Katy Perry and J Balvin’s name. While it was known that Katy Perry has collaborated with the Pokémon Company, it has now been revealed that J Balvin is also in the process of writing new songs for the P25 campaign. 

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Pokémon 25: The Album will have 14 tracks and will have music by 11 different Universal Music Group artists. The album will be released in the fall by Capitol Records. 

In a phone conversation with Rolling Stone, Balvin said, “We’re gonna come up with a crazy song. It’s going to catch everybody’s ear. It’s easy to make a Pokémon song if you just want that fan base, but we’re not close-minded. We want everybody to vibe with Pokémon.” 

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Pokémon also tweeted about their collaboration with J Balvin. 

Katy Perry was unavailable to comment but Anton Monsted, the executive vice president of soundtracks and A&R at Capitol Music Group said that he heard an early demo of the song is looking forward to it. 

J Balvin sounded excited and said he is sifting through sounds from Pokémon episodes and games to create a single smash for all kinds of audiences