After JEE Mains Topper, Guramrit Singh announced that he will be making a second attempt at JEE Mains, Twitter has some very interesting reactions to the turn of events that has made Singh the face of ‘Sharma Ji Ka Beta’ in the country.

‘Sharma Ji Ka Beta’ is referred to a person in the neighbourhood or family who does excessively well in exams or career, thereby posing problems to all the black sheep of the family. Now, Guramrit Singh’s performance in his exams has made Twitter users feel bad for his cousins and aspiring JEE candidates in the coming year. 

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Guramrit Singh had scored 100 percentile in his JEE Mains which is a distant dream for people. However, he recently announced that he will be appearing for the JEE Mains again. This has triggered a series of hilarious memes on Twitter.

Although he announced that his main focuses are his CBSE exams and JEE Advanced, he will be reappearing in the JEE Mains exam only to boost his confidence for the Advanced exams.

As expected, Twitter users have been armed with memes ever since this news came out.

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JEE Mains are exams that are given by lakhs and lakhs of students in India every year to get admission into engineering colleges.