When Aditya Sharma, a resident of Rajasthan, ordered food from Zomato, he noticed something heartbreaking. His delivery person arrived on a bicycle at his house when the temperature outside was around 42 °C. Despite the difficult circumstances, his order was delivered on time.

He took a photo of the delivery person and shared his story on Twitter.

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Sharma identified the individual as Durga Meena, 31, who began working as a delivery executive due to financial difficulties.

Meena gets Rs 10,000 each month, according to a follow-up tweet, but he has also been teaching for the past 12 years. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and wishes to continue his education. He started working for Zomato to make ends meet.

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“He knows everything about the internet. Durga told me he wants to have his laptop with good wifi so he can teach students online because,” one of the tweets read.

Meena mentioned to Sharma that he is attempting to save money to buy a bike throughout the chat.

Meena said he makes 10-12 deliveries per day and rarely has time to rest, and that having a bike would make his job easier.

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“Sir if you can manage my down payment, I will pay my EMI myself and I will return your down payment within 4 months with interest,” Sharma stated in a tweet, quoting Meena.

Sharma’s most recent tweet was an appeal for Rs 75,000 via crowdsourcing to help Meena buy a bike. He also provided Meena with her UPI number.

The outpouring of support from the public was astounding. In under 24 hours, the funds for the bike were raised.

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Sharma has now updated his followers, stating that Meena has purchased a bicycle and that the fundraising campaign has come to an end.

Sharma’s initial tweet received almost 67,000 likes. Social media users reacted positively to the project and praised it in the comments section.