While Vivek Agnihotri’s ‘The Kashmir Files’ smashed several box office records, it also drew massive criticism for propagating islamophobia. 

Now, the 48-year-old filmmaker has shared a letter that serves as a warning to Kashmiri Pandits to “leave the valley or face dire consequences.”

The undated letter, titled ‘letter to kafirs’, was allegedly issued by Lashker-E-Islam, an Islamic terrorist organization. It gives a final warning to Kashmiri Pandits and their allies and emphasizes that “one by one all of you will be killed and sent to hell,” adding that no political figure including Prime Minister Narendra Modi or Amit Shah will be able to save them from their tribulation. 

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“You are being watched by followers of Allah. One by one, all of you will be killed and sent to hell. Every Kashmiri Pandit will die. Kashmir is only for those accept & follow Allah,” read an excerpt from the letter.

“Kafirs, either accept Allah and Prophet as Supreme Divine or leave Kashmir else be ready to be dispatched to hell. Whenever we wish we can kill you and for that even if a few of us get martyred there is no issue but yes before meeting Allah every one of us will send you and your family to hell” warned the letter.

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Sharing an image of the letter, Agnihotri wrote, “Latest DEATH THREAT letter to all non-Muslims who don’t follow ALLAH. Is this TRUTH or PROPAGANDA? Dear Comrades, now who is provoking them? Should we tell this TRUTH or cover it up like Kashmir Genocide of Hindus?”

Since its upload on Twitter, the post has garnered over 12,000 likes and several comments. 

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While some Twitter users rebuked the letter, others called it inauthentic and a classic publicity tactic.

One Twitter user wrote, “I think you need to get a better script writer. This isn’t really convincing.”