Yoga is the highest form of self-love. It is a holistic approach towards good health – both of body and mind. The act of taking some time out for ourselves from our busy lives is sacred. However, yoga not just regulates blood circulation, cures rigidity, and life-long pains. It also helps us to regulate our body weight. Although the foundation of yoga is focused on an internal journey when that is achieved, it is not very difficult to get the desired output. With the right asanas and intensive core practices, body weight can also be regulated with yoga.

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Plank Pose/ Chaturangadandasana

This exercise is perfect for building core strength. If you’ve ever done yoga, you will know how important the center or the core of your body is. All the changes or movement that happens is focused on this area. The Plank pose, thus becomes important, because it builds your core strength and activates your abdomen muscles. It also strengthens your arms giving them a nice shape.

Downward facing dog/ Adho Mukho Savasana

The benefits of this exercise are uncountable. This not only stretches your thigh muscles but also your belly. Deep breathing in this pose helps the blood circulation a lot and opens up your hamstring muscles. Bending your chest towards your thigh in this pose will give you an excellent full-body stretch.

Downward dog pose in yoga helps in blood circulation and opens up hamstring muscles

Bridge Pose/ Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana

The bridge bose is recommended for thyroid patients. It is also very good for weight loss. It helps to tone the muscles and regulate hormones. That is why it is also good for maintaining thyroid levels. This also strengthens your back and reduces pain in the area.

Warrior Pose/ Virabhadrasana

When you come out of your lunge and move into this pose, you feel like a warrior. Rightly named as Virabhadrasana or Warrior Pose, this pose helps you tone your back, legs, and arms. This also helps you flatten your belly.

Warrior pose in yoga helps you tone your back, legs and arms

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Triangle Pose/Trikonasana

Trikonasana pose is very good for digestion. Besides that, it also helps to reduce the extra fat deposited around the belly and waist. The side body movement helps you burn more fat. The best part about this pose is that it doesn’t feel like a lot of hard work, but it silently helps you build muscles, lose weight, and increase concentration.

There are many other poses along with these that will help you lose some of that holiday weight. However, the first and the only rule of yoga is to love your body and mind. It is only after accepting it that you can expect your body to work for you. There are certain routines as well that you can practice every day for a while to achieve the desired results.

Besides the specific poses, yoga in general increases metabolism and tones down your body. The mental relaxation achieved through yoga also helps you to make better and healthier life choices.