Cadbury, the
second-largest confectionary brand in the world, has now decided to jump on the
bandwagon. The company has recently come up with the plan for a Dairy
Milk without the dairy and the chocolate bar is set to go on sale in Britain as
early as next month. The vegan offering by Mondelez International, the company
that owns Cadbury, will be called Plant Bar, according to the BBC.

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Once upon a time,
Cadbury used to advertise that it uses a “glass and a half” of milk in every chocolate
bar. Now, the same company has decided to use almond paste as a replacement for
milk in the Cadbury Plant Bar. The company said that the plant-based
alternative has take two years to make and the new recipe “provides a similar
taste and texture to milk ingredients while offering a hint of nuttiness”.

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The Cadbury Plant
Bar will be available in two flavours — smooth chocolate and smooth chocolate
with salted caramel pieces. The company has said that the bar will come in 100%
plant-based packaging from renewable sources. The Plant Bar is set to go on
sale in Sainsbury’s in November and at other retailers from the beginning of
2022. Each pack will have a 90-gram bar.

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Cadbury’s desire
to build a plant-based chocolate bar shows the growing trend for vegan products
driven by customers’ desire for healthier, more environment-friendly options.
According to The Vegan Society, an educational charity that works on providing information
and guidance on veganism, one in five people have reduced the amount of meat
they consume since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Veganuary
campaign that was held in January 2021 saw more than half a million people from
around the world to sign up to the vegan lifestyle. Louise Stigant, the
managing director of Mondelez International in the UK said that the increasing
public appetite for varied snacking options and plant-based alternatives has
never been more apparent.