Recently, we saw an old Cadbury ad from the early 1990s take a much-needed gender flip. Soon after its release, the rendition of the ad went viral on social media like crazy creating conversations around how the Indian advertisement industry needs to be more progressive and gender-inclusive. 

The new version of Cadbury’s classic dancing girl ad had a woman hitting the winning cricket shot and her male friend doing dodging the security to perform the celebratory dance. The ad reflected the changing gender scenario, shattering stereotypes related to cricket and women.

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This shift in the concept by Cadbury and Ogivly made us all wonder if some other Indian ads, including some utter sexist ones, can use a gender swap and here’s what we got- some iconic Indian ads with a twist. 

Two-minute Maggi by Papa Ji

This iconic Maggi ad from 1985 will surely bring back many memories from our childhood but how about a much-needed twist for kids living in 2021? Unlike, 1985 most urban women these days are working and sharing financial responsibilities with their male counterparts and similarly, men are sharing household responsibilities with women. 

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Considering the needed gender-neutral arrangement, Maggi should re-create this ad, only this time kids should call their father instead of mummy when they get hungry. Sounds hopeful right?

How about Raymond completes a woman this time?

Since most women these days are working and making big in the corporate world, they wear formals clothing every now and then. Also, Raymond offers clothing for women as well but most of its ads are based on a male character.

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While ‘the complete man’ campaign is a brilliant initiative trying to squash the unreal masculinity and male toxicity, we must really like a woman to take the role and be a complete woman with a Raymond suit on.

Why can’t women will be women in Seagram’s Imperial Blue ad?

While Seagram’s Imperial Blue ads songs are some real deal, the characters and ads are utter sexist and sometimes way too insensitive and need most altercations in 2021.

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The ads often portray women as a subject of men’s gaze and interest, sometimes even shows how men have this contact urge of touching, controlling or being around a woman. It’s high time that the company understands women have much more to do in life than being a love interest for men.