When repairing his toilet, a homeowner was taken aback when he discovered a half-eaten McDonald’s meal inside the wall.

Rob, from Illinois in the United States, discovered the meal “wrapped up in an old rag,” with a packet of half-finished French fries inside the vintage container, according to the New York Post.

During a renovation, Rob discovered a 60-year-old McDonald’s meal on his bathroom wall. He noted that the fries were still “perfectly crispy”. He shared the picture on Reddit.

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“There was no smell and surprisingly no trace of mice,” he told the publication.

According to Rob, who told Newsweek that his house was built in 1959, the meal is at least 63 years old.

“It’s extremely close to a McDonald’s that opened around that time,” he continued, “so I believe it got into our wall from the original builders.”

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Fellow Rob’s discovery wowed Reddit users, with many speculating that it could be the oldest McDonald’s meal ever rescued from a wall. Others have “challenged” him to try one of the “forbidden fries.”

“As a former construction worker, you’d be amazed how many chip bags, Gatorade bottles, Coca-Cola bottles, and fast food cups are inside a lot of the newer houses,” one individual wrote.

Another person stated: “This is fantastic. When we redid our bathroom and kitchen around 22 years ago, we filled every wall cavity we could with beer cans. I can’t wait to find them and start tearing this place apart “.

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There have been numerous reports of McDonald’s meals being discovered in unusual places. –

A McDonald’s quarter-pounder burger purchased in 1995 and kept in a shed for several years has not decomposed, according to two men, Casey Dean and Eduards Nits, who had ordered it from an Adelaide branch.

The burger had reduced slightly from its initial size, but the shape stayed the same, according to this account from 2019. The burger hasn’t had a bad odour in 24 years, and there are no symptoms of mould.

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A man from the United Kingdom ate a McDonald’s meal that had been buried for 14 years a few months afterwards. In November 2018, Matt Nadin buried his Big Mac Meal in a friend’s garden. He ate it as part of his 14th birthday celebrations.