India and Pakistan played out a thriller, every inch as tight as their previous encounter in the Asia Cup. After two Sunday skirmishes, the rivals are tied at 1-1, with a potential third tie looming in the final. But before we dream of a third Sunday absorbed in neighbourly spit-fires at the cricket, the Super 4 tie crackled till the last. We have the over-by-over updates to help relieve the drama.

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1st over: On a belter of batting wicket, Rohit Sharma gives Naseem a quick look before dancing forwards to slash over the infield for four. The last ball sails into the stands. Dug in short, the Indian captain pulls him for six! 11 off the first over. Sharma chews gum as if he were Vivian Richards’ second coming.  

2nd over: Sharma is soon on strike against young Hasnain. The pacer lands the ball with pace on one of the grass patches. It shoots off at 146 km/h and past Sharma’s outside edge. Next ball, he stands and delivers, hoicking a decent ball over mid-off for four. KL Rahul, now on the striker’s end, attempts a Sharmaesque hoick but miscues it slightly. He still gets a couple. He sneaks a risky run off the last ball. 20 runs in two overs, India is purring!  

3rd over: Rahul sends a Naseem half-volley for a cover-driven six. He turns the strike over to Sharma. The captain nudges toward Third Man. Haris Rauf sprints to save four. Pakistan has been pushed into the defensive already. KL Rahul then launches into a wristy flick, middling the ball over the fence. What a shot!  

4th over: Sharma, now on strike, launches a ferocious lofted drive off Rauf’s first ball. The pacers are bleeding runs. He then pulls him for a six. A mediocre short ball, well anticipated by the opener, gets deposited beyond the boundary. 46 off 4 overs.  

4th over: Sharma, now on strike, launches a ferocious lofted drive off Rauf’s first ball. The pacers are bleeding runs. He then pulls him for a six. A mediocre short ball, well anticipated by the opener, gets deposited beyond the boundary. 46 off 4 overs.  

50 up for India! The fastest for India against Pakistan.

5th over: Mohammad Nawaz replaces Naseem Shah. A sensible move by all means. But KL Rahul is in no mood to relent. He skips down the track to thunder a four past the off-spinner’s raised hand. He attempts a similar shot, hoping to get a maximum. It clears the in-field but drops short of the fence.  

Rohit Sharma’s out (28 off 16)! Haris Rauf’s slower delivery is skied by the Indian captain. Two Pakistan fielders circle underneath it, almost colliding against each other, but one of them pouches safely.

6th over: Haris Rauf provides instant relief to Pakistan. Taking pace off the ball, he forces an error out of Sharma. Fakhar Zaman and Khushdil Shah nearly botch the chance, but Shah’s laser focus earns the Pakistanis the first wicket. 62 from the powerplay and India is chugging along.

KL Rahul’s gone now (28 off 20)! Shadab Khan gets rid of the dangerous Rahul. The batter holes out to Nawaz at long-on. Is 28 a cursed score?   

7th over: Shadab elicits a false stroke of Rahul. But the dashing Suryakumar Yadav cuts the leggie for four first ball. Khan responds with two delicious leg breaks that nearly kiss Surya Kumar’s edge. 

8th over: Eight runs off Nawaz’s second. Suryakumar’s fleet-footed lofted cover drive is the highlight of the 6-ball duel.  

9th over: Shadab has brought a measure of control to proceedings. he nearly lands a second when Kohli miscues that lands just short of a diving Naseem Shah. It finds the fence, much to the tweaker’s dismay.   

Suryakumar Yadav sweeps to his downfall (13 off 10)! Attempting a sweep off left-arm Nawaz, he top edges to Asif Ali on the square leg boundary.  

10th over: Virat Kohli scratches about for some timing, turning the strike to SKY. But alas! The ultra-aggressive approach, which was paying rich dividends earlier, is turning against the Indians. Skying a sweep to square-leg, much to Pakistani delight! 93/3 at the halfway mark.   

10.4 overs: 100 up for India! 

11th over: Hasnain returns after drinks. Second ball and Kohli hooks him for four. He hops forward next ball, checking his shot at the last, to ensure a single on the bounce to long on. Worryingly for Pakistan, they are behind the clock. It’s not helped by the consecutive wides Hasnain throws down. India helps themselves to a 100, the fastest against Pakistan. 

12th over: Nawaz returns for his final over. The left-arm spinner has been exceptional, sending down three quiet-ish overs. Keeping to a middle and leg-stump line, Nawaz concedes only 25 in four, including the wicket of Suryakumar. Star turn indeed!  

Hardik Pandya out for a duck! The dangerous all-rounder lobs to Nawaz off Hasnain, who dives forward to snare a super catch. The tide is turning and how!  

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13th over: Babar has the confidence to bring back Naseem. Kohli hits on the up, through the covers first ball. He rolls his wrist on a slower bouncer to a vacant area on the on-side, scampering back for two. Collars up, attitude in place, Kohli looks relaxed as ever. He is 32* off 22. 

Pant bludgeons Naseem for another four. All fast hands, his bat comes down on a pacy short ball like a swift-moving sword! 118/3. The partnership ticks on to 27.

Rishabh Pant dismissed (14 off 12)! Shadab draws an unwarranted reverse-sweep from Pant, it only finds Asif Ali at point. 

The dangerous Hardik Pandya swaggers into the scene. 

14th over: Shadab Khan sends down another smart over. Pant squirms a boundary, edging behind the wicket for four runs. His luck runs out soon after. Attempting a reverse-sweep, he top-edges to Asif Ali on the 15-yard circle. 

15th over: Hasnain snares the big man! The ball seems to hold off the wicket; Pandya, flummoxed by the delivery, checks a shot towards the short square-leg region. Nawaz dives forward to pocket a sharp catch. 

Of the penultimate delivery, Hasnain spears a bouncer high, Rizwan, goalkeeper-like, tries to catch a glove to that, but it flies over for four. He lands awkwardly and seems to be in a world of pain. But he’s fit and fine after some handy physio work. 

135/5 in 15. 

16th over: All rests on Kohli (and Hooda now) as the innings veers to its final leg. Shadab returns to twirl his wrists for the last time tonight. Just five runs come off his over. The spinners have been immense for Babar & Co.   

17th over: The Indian dressing room is crying for some fast runs. Rauf bowls full, and Hooda squeezes a four through covers. Kohli’s back on strike, angling for a second 50 of the Asia Cup. Rauf squares him up, but the star-bat pats it back. Hares back for a couple after guiding the last ball towards long-on.   

18th over: Hooda slices two runs over mid-off. It was 150 Km/h from Hasnain. Another squeeze gets him a couple; this time towards the third man. Hasnain responds with a heat-seeking snorter, but the courageous Hooda arcs his back to push it over the wicket-keeper for four. But Kohli ends Hasnain’s spell with a cross-batted heave for six.  

50 to Kohli! The king is back!  

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Deepak Hooda bids adieu (16 off 14)! Naseem Shah bowls from the back of the hand. Failing to pick up the variation, Hooda sends the ball soaring into the high skies. Nawaz steadies himself to gobble the catch. A hard chance made to look remarkably simple.   

19th over: Naseem Shah throws down a fine over, conceding seven and removing Hooda. Pakistan has firmly put a lid on India’s initial burst. All rests on Kohli now. 

Kohli run out (60 off 44)! Kohli nudges a full toss towards square leg. Thrusting for a second, a bullet throw from the excellent Asif finds Kohli short of his crease, despite the dive.   

20th over: Rauf begins with a wide. Then arrows a 151 km/h delivery, which Kohli undercuts to Rizwan. Next ball and the batter denies a single. He’ll keep the strike to himself. Rauf follows with a precise yorker. Just 1 from 3 so far. Full toss on the fifth. Kohli runs himself out chasing a second. A misfield brings four off the fifth. Another horrendous bit of fielding- dropped chance- brings four to India. Instead of the four-five runs, they concede 10. That’s 181/7 in 20. Pakistan will fancy the chase!   

Needing 182 to win, Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan march into the field. Let the chase begin! 

1st over: It’s Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Rizwan to get us going. The batter threads the in-field, getting four off the first ball. Kumar is getting some movement off the seam, making the ball dart into Rizwan. A dangerous single off the third almost lands Rizwan in trouble. Follows with a dream delivery, beating Babar all ends up. The Pakistani captain responds with a flick off his hips for four. 

2nd over: Dovetailing alongside Kumar, the young left-arm pacer Arshdeep Singh charges in from the other end. He had Babar’s number last Sunday, but it’s Rizwan who stares down at him now. He’s getting no swing tonight, and Rizwan and Babar can play through the line. Still, some disciplined bowling keeps the runs to a minimum. A patient, if unremarkable, start from Pakistan.   

3rd over: Kumar keeps to a tight line, bowling in the off-stump channel. But a fine over is ruined with an inviting short ball which Babar slaps through square leg and mid on for four.   

Babar Azam departs (14 off 10)! ThePakistani ace holes a catch to Rohit Sharma off Ravi Bishnoi. The leggie makes an instant impact, dismissing the opener for cheap. A brief no-ball check raised nerves in the Indian camp, but the check okays the delivery.   

4th over: Rohit Sharma immediately turns to Ravi Bishnoi. The leg spinner will hope to carry forward the spin-bowling supremacy from the Indian innings. Babar pierces the off-side for a couple but is dismissed soon. Bishnoi does the deed for Rohit Sharma. Pakistan reels at 22/1. 

5th over: Hardik Pandya is into the mix. A disappointing duck with the bat later, the talisman is itching for a strong showing with the ball. It goes awkwardly, however. Rizwan and Fakhar Zaman fetch 14 much-needed runs off the over.   

6th over:  Seven off Arshdeep’s over nudges Pakistan’s scoring rate to a shade over seven. 44/1 in their powerplay overs.   

50 up for Pakistan! 

7th over: Yuzvendra Chahal wafts into the attack. India’s second leg-spinner, he bowls with variation and threatens a wicket now and then. As the required rate ticks over 10, a deft Rizwan drive brings up the Pakistani fifty. They’re well behind India at the same stage, but their means are markedly different from their neighbours.   

8th over: Bishnoi reels off another nerveless over, conceding just 6.   

Fakhar Zaman gone (15 off 18)! The southpaw was working himself into a right mood, creaming a boundary the ball before. Going for the six, he deposits a slow, tossed up delivery by Chahal into Kohli’s cupped hands at long-on. 

9th over: Pakistan’s slow start tempts bad judgement from their batters. Fakhar Zaman, after crashing a four, holes out to Kohli at the fence. Chahal lives up to his wicket-taking reputation.   

10th over: The promoted Mohammad Nawaz sends Pandya to the stands. They’ll need more of that! Pandya responds with a handy bouncer, forcing the left-hander to swerve away. A single later, Rizwan swats at a bouncer but misses. At 76/2 at the midway stage, Pakistan is 17 behind India’s mark. Hoping for dew, maybe?  

11th over: 10 off Chahal’s third. Rizwan towering six the pick of proceedings.   

12th over: Nawaz sweeps Bishnoi for six as the two batters steadily work Pakistan back into the match. Another ten comes off the over.    

50 for Rizwan! 100 for Pakistan! 

13th over: Nawaz is motoring along. Wheels his hands to send a near-yorker for four, knocking over Rizwan at the non-striker’s end. He follows with another yorker. This time, Nawaz squeezes it out, sneaking a single through the legs. Rizwan survives a runout scare, diving full stretch to reach home. 

Pakistan were 30 runs behind India at one stage, but the Rizwan-Nawaz combo has brought them to within 11 of India’s mark at the same stage. One wicket less too! Game on!

14th over: 12 come off the over. The boundaries are now coming thick and fast. Pandya’s night isn’t going to plan. A well executed bouncer is top-edged to the fence. Pakistan have scored boundaries off every over since the 8th. Remarkable stat, that.   

15th over: Mohammad Nawaz was sublime with the ball, but he’s outdoing himself with the bat. Two fours off the first couple- both swept- spreads panic across the Indian camp. Rizwan adds another four to the over. 13 in four balls. Three more follow from the next two. Chahal’s expensive spell comes to an end. With 43 runs from his four overs, the leggie sulks to his fielding position.

The partnership is now 72 of 37. The physio runs on to tend to Rizwan.

16th over: Mohammad Nawaz is out (42 off 19)! Bhuvneshwar Kumar returns to the attack, dismissing the dangerous Nawaz straight away. A fine knock comes to an end. Attempting a flat-batted forehand, he finds Deepak Hooda at the long-off boundary. If not for him, Pakistan would have been well out of the chase. 

Kumar delivers an ice-cold over. He concedes only five runs- cutting off the flow of fours and sixes- but crucially dismisses the dangerous Nawaz.

43 needed off 24. “Palms are sweaty/ nerves are heavy” and all that!

17th over: Rizwan is bulldozing Pakistan onwards. Playing through pain, he stretches every sinew to inch Pakistan closer.

Mohammad Rizwan dismissed (71 off 51)! Just when it looked Rizwan would see Pakistan home, he skies a catch to Suryakumar Yadav. Pandya, who’s flopped through much of the tie, delivers at the very end of his spell.   

A run-out chance follows, but the fielder misses the stump.    

18th over: Bishnoi returns to bowl. The umpire warns Sharma that they are four minutes behind time. It’s nip and tuck. Hardly anything to separate the two sides here.

Potential wicket check! Bishnoi twirls it down Asif Ali’s leg side. The umpire calls wide. But Pant’s tentative appeal brings forth a Rohit Sharma review. The Third Umpire mulls over the decision. The ball was agonizingly close to his gloves. The snicko shows a small spike, but is it conclusive enough? No, says the umpire. It stays wide.   

Arshdeep drops! Dropped a clanger there, the young man has. Asif Ali survives. Pakistan breathes a sigh of relief.   

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The 18th over drama is almost unbearable: A long review check, a dropped catch and eight runs. With 26 needed off 12, the tide turns India’s way again.

19th over: Sharma turns to Bhuvneshwar Kumar for the all-important over. He starts with a wide. A single follows. Pakistan needs the fours and sixes, but it’s the ones and twos they’re getting at the moment. Asif delivers! Six off a juicy half-volley! Bhuvi follows with a wide. The nerves are deepening. Kohli grimaces from the dugout! One run of the next. Khushdil Shah finds a fence. A swivel and a pull off a shortish dolly land four. Single off the fifth. And a boundary completes the over! That’s 19 runs. Seven needed off 6 now! 

The poor over rate means India has to keep an extra fielder in the circle.

20th over 

Single off the first. 

Eight off 5. 

Four off the next! Khushdil makes Pakistani hearts soar. 

Two off 4 now! 

Sharma manoeuvres his field. 

A dot. 

Out! Arshdeep yorker traps Asif Ali plumb in front. He reviews. The decision stands. 

Two off two now. 

A full toss, hit back over Arshdeep. The batters scamper for a second! Pakistan wins by five wickets! 

It’s 1-1 between the two, leaving India requiring two wins from two to ensure a place in the final.