Ever since adult film actress Moriah Mills unleashed a Twitter tirade against NBA player Zion Williamson four days ago, she has not stopped trending on Twitter.

She has also not stopped tweeting about the New Orleans Pelicans star despite the fact that he has kept mum so far and chosen to ignore all her accusations. But now it seems that she has decided to not only stop but delete every trace of tweet previously dedicated to Williamson from her Twitter.

If one now visits her Twitter handle, @moriahmillss44, her last tweet is from 2021.

It all began on Tuesday in the past week after Mills announced that he is having a baby girl with his girlfriend Ahkeema. Mills fired off a series of tweets on Wednesday morning, where she revealed details of her association with Williamson.

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“I hate you .. ong #ZionWilliamson looks like you been had a girlfriend and sleeping with other women behind my back,” she wrote in one of the tweets, along with screenshots that she claimed that the basketball player had sent her. “@Zionwilliamson you liar !!!”

The makeup artist who posts many of her makeup tutorials on YouTube.  also alleged that Williamson was with her only last week and they had indulged in sexual intercourse without protection. If the allegations are true, then Williamson cheated on his pregnant girlfriend. Mills claimed that Williamson never told her that he had gotten another woman pregnant with his child.

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On the following day, she claimed that people close to both Williamson and Ahkeema were threatening her and her pregnant cousin after she accused him of cheating. She then claimed that he got her Snapchat account deleted. She also called him a “sex addict” and accused him of trying to have a threesome.

As her tweets got increasingly vindictive and out of control, it soon turned into a meme fest on Twitter where people started mocking Mills for being so obsessed over Williamson. Here are a few memes which have gone viral: