The Washington Commanders beat the Chicago Bears in Thursday Night Football in Week 6 of the 2022 NFL season on October 13 at Soldier Field. The win also marked the Commanders’ second win in the ongoing season, also their first after the opening week.

The Washington Commanders are now at the fourth spot in the NFC East standings, following the Eagles, the Cowboys and the Giants. Let’s take a look at the highlights of the Thursday Night Football game.

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Bad offenses and poor QB play in the first half

Both the Chicago Bears and the Washington Commanders displayed poor attacking play in the first quarter, which resulted in none of them opening their respective tallies. The first points of the game were scored in the second quarter by the Washington Commanders, however, the Bears had to wait until the third quarter to score their first points.

Quarterbacks from both sides were unable to provide touchdown passes in the first half, a fact that was criticised by the fans, terming the game ‘boring’ on social media platforms.

Chicago missed two goal-line opportunities from within 5 yards in the first half

The Chicago Bears trailed 3-0 against the Washington Commanders in the first half and opened their scoring in the third quarter. However, they had the opportunity to take a healthy lead in the first half but failed to convert two goal-line opportunities inside the 5-yard line.

The first opportunity came when a Justin Fields pass was intercepted inside the 1-yard line, minutes before Khalil Herbert was stopped at the goal line by the Commanders in the second quarter.

Missed kickoff reception from Chicago gives Washington the lead

Chicago Bears wide receiver Ihmir Smith-Marsette dropped a catch by Justin Fields in the fourth quarter. The missed reception resulted in the ball being recovered by the Washington Commanders and after two plays, their rookie running back Brian Robinson Jr scored his NFL career-fast touchdown.

The touchdown by Robinson was one of the highlights of the game as it allowed the visitors to take the lead over the Bears.

Big rushing play from Fields keeps Chicago in game late

While the Chicago Bears could not clinch the victory against the Washington Commanders, their quarterback Justin Fields delivered an overall decent performance. He made 14 successful passes out of 27 attempts for 190 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception along with a completion percentage of 51.9%.

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Field’s highlight of the game was a 40-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Dante Pettis in the fourth quarter, which helped the Bears to stay in the game until the final moment.

Darnell Mooney bobble gets Washington to win

The Chicago Bears had one final opportunity to clinch the victory with only 40 seconds left in the fourth quarter. However, their wide receiver Darnell Mooney bobbled a pass as he was pushed back by Commanders cornerback Benjamin St-Juste, unable to score a touchdown.