Amazon Quiz: Which of these companies was not started in a garage?





Answer: Nokia

Unlike companies such as Windows, Apple and HP, Finland-based Nokia has roots that trace back over 150 years to a mining engineer named Fredrik Idestam. Idestam launched Nokia in 1865 as a paper mill operation in the Finnish city of Tampere. 

But, it was only until 1871 that the engineer decided to expand the operation to the small town of Nokia, which inspired the company’s name. 

Fast forward to 1967, the Nokia Corporation collaborated with Finnish Rubber Works, a rubber company, and Finnish Cable Works, a firm that manufactured telephones, telegraphs, and electric cables. It was only after the collaboration that the business began booming, offering an array of products like paper, rubber, computers, TVs, generators, electrical cables, nuclear power plant equipment, and more. 

Finally, in the year 1982, Nokia launched its first mobile device known as the Mobira Senator, which was a bully radio station that weighed about 10 kg. Due to its heaviness, the company then launched its first “portable” phone known as the Mobira Talkman 320F. The phone weighed 4.7 kg and had a massive display and an impressive battery that lasted up to 60 minutes of talk time and 10 hours on standby.

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