After Elon Musk bought Twitter last year, a bogus online rumor has been spreading that Musk has also purchased Google.

Musk added Twitter to his company portfolio after turning 51 and finished the $44 billion acquisition of the social media platform.

However, since after the purchase, individuals from all around the world have urged the founder of SpaceX to buy additional significant media and tech firms.

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Musk’s videos are shared on the 914k-subscriber Elon Musk Zone YouTube channel to give viewers a “more immersive experience.”

One of their videos, which stated Google was the new tech sector Musk will dominate, had 400k views.

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The video, titled “Elon Musk: I Officially Bought Google”, while named after a lie, actually delves into how Musk could take over the tech giant.

Additionally, the video has a manipulated image of Musk shaking hands with Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google– an event that never took place.

The rumor gained momentum due to some YouTube videos that presented the operation as already being official. This has contributed to the public’s growing skepticism and interest.

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While Musk did not buy the tech giant Google, here’s how social media users reacted to the said rumor:

“Hey @elonmusk there’s a rumor you bought Google,” one user wrote.

Someone else asked: “Is there anyone that believes Elon Musk has bought Google?” A third user replied: “It’s not real.”

Most likely, Elon Musk never even considered buying the Mountain View company. Even if he were to consider it, the procedure would be nearly impossible.

Google’s market value is currently at around $1.13 trillion. Elon Musk’s current net worth is reportedly around 140.1 billion US dollars. Therefore, there is a significant disparity that would prevent the transaction from happening.

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Musk is best recognised for creating Tesla, an electric car manufacturer renowned for its incredibly intelligent vehicles.

Musk also owns Starlink and SpaceX, two companies that offer low-orbit satellite broadband services aimed at remote areas with spotty internet. He most recently bought Twitter for $44 billion, and is serving as CEO.