Google, the worldwide web’s most popular search engine, turned its logo to grey in India on Sunday. The Google logo, featured on the site’s homepage, is made of vibrant colours – red, yellow, blue and green. On September 11, however, Google’s logo turned grey to mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the former queen of the United Kingdom, who died recently following a brief illness.

Queen Elizabeth is the longest-serving monarch in UK’s history, serving for a straight 70 years since 1952. She died aged 96 and is succeeded by Prince Charles, now King Charles III, her son, who is 73 years old. King Charles III will remain the king of the United Kingdom until his death and his wife will be Queen Consort, in accordance with Queen Elizabeth II’s wishes.

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Google turned its logo to grey in order to condole the people of UK and the 14 other Commonwealth nations the queen ruled over. The Google logo had turned grey after the Queen’s death in the UK, but the mourning logo spread to other countries over time.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent out a condolence message saying, “Sending our deepest condolences to the people of the UK and around the world mourning the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Her steadfast leadership and public service have been a constant through many of our lifetimes. She will be missed,” on Twitter.

The Queen’s death was mourned by other big brands and conglomerates as well, especially in the UK. Domino’s Pizza’s UK unit immediately posted a picture following the Queen’s death which featured the text: “Everyone at Domino’s joins the nation and the world in mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Our thoughts and condolences are with the Royal Family.” The Domino’s logo turned black in the picture.

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Heinz, the American food company, also blacked out its logo and posted a picture on Twitter with a statement that read: “Everyone at Heinz is deeply saddened by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and offer our sincerest condolences to all members of the Royal Family at this time. We are so grateful for the extraordinary service she gave to the nation.”

The Queen’s funeral is set to be held on September 19. On Saturday, King Charles III was formally proclaimed the king of the United Kingdom. Several other nations, including Australia and Gibraltar have also proclaimed King Charles III as the reigning monarch.