Elon Musk, who
recently decided against buying Twitter, tweeted, “Oh the irony, lol” after
news surfaced that Twitter had sued Musk for not buying the social media giant.
Musk and Twitter have been locked in a feud for months amid merger discussions.
The lawsuit seems to be the initiation of a protracted battle between the world’s
richest man and the world’s most influential social media company.

Musk spoke of
irony in his tweet because in April, when he first offered to buy Twitter, the
social media company did not want to go through with the deal, while now, the
same company has gone to court to force Musk’s hand.

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Only days ago,
Elon Musk tweeted four-picture meme of him laughing, next to sentences reading:
“They said I couldn’t buy Twitter. Then they wouldn’t disclose bot information.
Now they want to force me to buy Twitter in court. Now they have to disclose
bot information in court.”

Twitter’s lawsuit
against Musk
was filed in Delaware’s Court of Chancery, according to The Verge.
“Twitter brings this action to enjoin Musk from further breaches, to compel
Musk to fulfil his legal obligations, and to compel consummation of the merger
upon satisfaction of the few outstanding conditions,” the company stated.

Twitter wants to
hold Musk to his deal to pay $44 billion at USD 54.20 per share for the
company. For months, Musk and Twitter hankered over the details of the deal.

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In April, Musk
reached an acquisition agreement with Twitter for USD 54.20 valued at $44
billion. However, Musk then put the deal on hold to let his team review Twitter’s
claim that only 5% accounts on the platform are bots.

Musk, in June, had
accused Twitter of breaching the merger agreement and threatened to walk away
from the deal for not providing data on spam and fake accounts.