Elon Musk’s
Tesla cars come with a host of quirky features. On Friday, Musk, the world’s richest
man, tweeted about the ‘Open your butthole’ Easter Egg on Tesla cars. Easter
Eggs in context of Tesla cars refer to quirky voice commands that can be used to
access some functionalities of Tesla cars. For example, the ‘Open your butthole’
voice command can be used to access the charging feature in some Tesla cars. In
others, the same voice command is used to either open the boot or the car’s
glove compartment. Here is a list of Easter Eggs in Tesla cars:

Tesla safe”

The “Keep
Tesla safe” or “Keep Summer safe” voice command is used to switch on “Sentry”
mode in Tesla cars. The Sentry mode comes from the car mode used in vehicle
display as HAL9000 in 2001: The Space Odyssey. On the other hand, the voice
command “Keep Summer safe” is a reference to the show Rick and Morty. In an
episode titled ‘The Ricks Must Be Crazy,” Rick tells his vehicle to keep Morty’s
sister, Summer, safe.

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“My balls
are cold”

Adding to
the list of quirky voice commands is “My balls are cold”. This voice command
turns on seat heaters in Tesla cars. The voice command “eject X seat” where X
is the driver of the passenger, will turn on the seat’s heater to its maximum.

“Ho Ho Ho”
or ‘Ho
Ho Ho Not

Both these
voice commands serve to switch the vehicle to Santa mode. The “Ho Ho Ho” voice
command triggers the Tesla car to play “Run Rudolph Run” by Chuck Berry while “Ho
Ho Ho Not Funny” plays Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”. The two commands
also causes the snow effect to appear above the depiction of the vehicle and
when parked the car image is replaced by Santa Claus on a sleigh.

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Turning into
Mars Rover

Tesla cars
have a quirky feature which when activated would change the GPS display from
Earth to Mars. The GPS works as it should, just that it is the surface of Mars
that shows instead of the surface of Earth.

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A Monty
Python reference

Tesla cars can
be assigned names from the Settings option on the touch screen. If the vehicle
is named either “Patsy” or “Rabbit of Caerbannog” or “Mr. Creosote” or “Biggus
Dickus” and a couple of others, The Foot of Cupid drops from the length of the
screen. The Foot of Cupid is a returning trademarked gag in the Monty Python