According to a listing on Apple Inc.’s App Store, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is getting ready to unveil Threads, a Twitter competitor, on Thursday, July 6. Threads seeks to provide consumers with a different social networking and conversation platform.

According to Forbes, the Threads app was first seen on the Google Play market in Europe on Monday morning and then appeared on the Apple App market by Monday night.

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What data will Threads collect from users?

According to a recent post by The Spectator Index on Twitter, Meta’s Threads can collect some data that may be linked to your identity. This data includes information regarding your Health and Fitness, Purchases, Financial Info, Location, Contact Info, Contacts, User Content, Search History, Browsing History, Identifiers, Usage Data, Sensitive Info, Diagnostics, and Other Data.

Many people had their opinions made known on social media by commenting on this post, with one Twitter user stating, “Threads by Meta will likely collect all data and promise to keep it safe unless it is a proclaimed matter of national security,” while another commented, “anything made by Mark Zuckerberg, you should probably expect your information to be leaked or sold.”

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On the other hand, some people were on board with the idea of Threads, even with the potential privacy implications, with one Twitterati saying, “I accept the terms and conditions. Twitter is crumbling,” and another stated, “Cool. I would rather they have it than Elon.”

Despite being linked with Instagram, Threads is a standalone application. The App Store page offers little details about it, but it appears that users can like, comment on, repost, and share posts. The included pictures show how you may select the audience that can respond to your posts, whether it be everyone, people you follow, or just those who are specifically mentioned in the post.

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Due to its direct integration with Instagram, Threads might have an advantage. Your Instagram followers and following lists are automatically imported by the program, removing the need to start again and grow your community from the beginning.

This timing also looks ideal for Instagram, according to TechCrunch, given its competitor Twitter experienced some technical difficulties over the weekend that led to rate-limit errors.