Donald Trump’s effort to put on an act of strength at the first event of his 2024 presidential campaign is taking place in Waco on Saturday, which is known for its violent law enforcement opposition.

The Waco airport grounds, where the Waco tragedy will be commemorated next month on its 30th anniversary, saw a line of Trump supporters forming the day before gates opened.

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The gathering takes place at a time when Trump has criticized prosecutors, urged rallies, and warned of potential chaos should he become the first former president in American history to be charged with a crime.

Donald Trump, at his Texas rally, gave a shout-out to singers Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus after ‘Justice for All’ was played.

Trump said that ‘Justice for All’, his collaboration with J6 Prison Choir, is No 1 on the charts. He added that Taylor Swift is second and Miley Cyrus third.

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There was an uproar on Twitter, with social media users quickly commenting on Trump’s Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus remarks. One Twitter user said, “Pretty sure Trump is hoping to score a Grammy with his song, Justice For All by Donald Trump and the J6 Choir since it is allegedly “topping all of the charts at #1, higher than even Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus”. It’d be funny if it weren’t so sad.”

Another critic of Trump commented about his Waco Rally, saying, “Why the FK would anyone want to watch this BS. Just another waste of time rally with the trashy wacko cult in Waco. Criminal Donald Trump should be arrested before he gets the chance to walk on stage.”

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With a verdict on a historic indictment of the former president postponed until next week, the Manhattan grand jury is still looking into Donald Trump’s hush money payments. Trump stated over the weekend that he anticipated being charged and taken into custody on Tuesday. However, that did not happen.