The unfortunate death of Tyre Nichols has stirred the internet once again since the George Floyd case. The five accused police officers are now facing charges of second-degree murder.

Recently, a photograph of Nichols giving a flower to a little girl has gone viral on social media. The photograph was reportedly taken at the Sacramento Skatepark.

According to his friend, Desmond Sinclair, the picture sums up Tyre. He also added, that Nichols has been the first one to make everyone feel welcome and protected the kid. He was always supporting others and encouraging them as they learned something new.

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People are reacting to the photograph in different ways. Some sympathized with his kinder and generous side while some are speculating different angles with respect to the recent rumor of Nichols being involved with one of the police officer’s wife.

Among the many Twitter users, Star Wars Actor Mark Hamill also reacted to the photo with a broken heart emoji.

Mark Hamil Twitter
Photo: Twitter/Mark Hamil

Most sympathizers were seen regretting the loss of Tyre’s life. Twitter user, Mandy Allen, posted, “He did not deserve this. He had so much to offer the world.”

Mandy Allen on Twitter
Photo: Twitter/ Mandy Allen

Many also took to their social media accounts to question the police’s authority over harmless citizens which led to such heinous crimes on duty. JustinMKE wrote, “The state gives cops tremendous power”.

JustinMKE on Twitter
Photo: Twitter/JustinMKE

Interestingly, quite an appalling number of replies also questioned Tyre’s involvement with Demetrius Haley‘s wife. None of these claims have been proven but the internet is catching the running rumor and defending the police officers.

Ryan on Twitter
Photo: Twitter/ Ryan

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Certain users were also seen reacting to the space of the photo, claiming it to be Old Sacramento and not Sacramento skatepark.

Gary Dong on Twitter
Photo: Twitter/ Gary Dong

Regardless of the context of the actual picture, what happened with Tyre Nichols has raised the question of racism once again. Investigations are still going on with regard to the cause of his death but no one can deny the brutality he faced by the five Memphis police officers. It remains to be seen how this new twist will change the whole movement in the coming days.