MrBeast is a popular YouTuber who is known for his grandiose news-breaking videos. He recently produced a video in which he describes operating on 1000 people to restore their sight. Despite the fact that it seemed like a commendable effort, internet users flocked to social media to accuse the content creator of working for the devil. He was thereafter referred to as the “antichrist.”

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Social media figure MrBeast is well known among ardent users of the platform. The popular YouTuber is well known for his complex challenges, pranks, and stunts. World news was made about his most recent Squid Games competition. His most recent video, 1,000 Blind People See for the First Time, has elicited conflicting responses.

Mr. Beast in front of Walmart exclusive “feastible chocolates” (Photo: Twitter/@mrbeast)

As the term suggests, phacoemulsification surgery was performed on a number of patients to assist them restore their vision. A cataract, which obscures the eye’s normally clear lens, is removed during surgery. After that, a new artificial lens is put in place of the cataract to restore vision. Patients who underwent surgery also received gifts worth $10,000 or more. Additionally, free Teslas were supplied to other people. 

Mr. Beast also gave $100,000 to the optical surgeon’s office where the patients had their operations.

At the conclusion of the video, MrBeast helped people from all over the world, including those from the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, Kenya, and Jamaica, to be able to see once more.

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Net worth

Mr. Beast has a $100 million net worth. According to a story from November 2022, Mr. Beast was looking for investors to invest in his company at a $1 billion valuation. The number of investors he attracted or the ultimate valuation has not yet been disclosed. While noting that MrBeast has acknowledged he does not make money off his videos, the net value indicated above accounts for a conservative assessment of his empire. Instead, he invests all of the funds on new product development.

According to reports, Jimmy puts the majority of his video revenues back into making more videos. He used to spend $10,000 on each film, but now he can spend up to $300,000 on each one.


In Greenville, North Carolina, where he was born on May 7, 1998, Jimmy Donaldson attended Greenville Christian Academy and graduated in 2016. 

He was raised in a Christian home and considers himself to be a devout Christian; for instance, he makes an effort to read from the Bible as soon as he wakes up each morning. Beast observes all Christian holidays. 


When he was 12 years old, he started using the YouTube username “MrBeast6000” to upload videos. He briefly attended college before leaving to focus solely on his YouTube career.

Early on, he mostly shared amusing compilations, response videos, and commentary on video games.

Jimmy originally became well-known after the 2017 publication of the video “counting to 100,000.” He counted to 100,000 for 44 hours in the video. Over 21 million people would eventually see the video.

He then recorded a video in which he counted to 200,000. Other well-known accomplishments include watching the Jake Paul music video “It’s Every Day Bro” on repeat for ten hours, reading the dictionary, ubering across America, shouting “Logan Paul” 100,000 times, and reading the “Bee Movie” script.

His YouTube channels currently have over 90 million subscribers and have received over 10 billion video views. The majority of typical videos have received over 20 million views. He has 12 million Instagram followers, 9 million Twitter followers, and 13 million TikTok followers.

He has ties to PewDiePie and has spent money on radio and billboard commercials to out-subscribe T-Series. He was considered for the 2019 Shorty Awards’ Vlogger of the Year category. The Breakout Creator award went to him. He was a nominee for the Favorite Male Social Star category of the 2020 Kids’ Choice Awards. The 2020 YouTuber of the Year award went to him as well. At the Streamy Awards, he was also named the 2020 Creator of the Year.

MrBeast has more than 80 million views of his videos and added 400,000 new subscribers in a single week in July 2020. Due to his achievement, he rose to the 20th position among YouTube personalities during that time.


Jimmy and Maddy Spidell started dating in June 2019. They connected on Twitter. 

In a video from February 2020 titled “Surprising My Girlfriend With 100,000 Roses For Valentine’s Day,” Maddy was initially identified as MrBeast’s girlfriend. As of this writing, that video has received more than 50 million views.

Maddy was then seen in several of his videos including “I Adopted EVERY Dog in a Dog Shelter” and “I Spent 50 Hours in Solitary Confinement.”


Mrs. Donaldson, a stay-at-home mother, and Stephen Donaldson, a businessman by trade, are Mr. Beast’s parents. His older brother, CJ Donaldson, is a well-known social media personality and content creator. He is the younger of two children.