Pro-Palestinian protesters demanding an end to hostilities in Gaza have essentially stopped all westbound lanes of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in an early act of activism.

Just before 8 a.m., the demonstrators blocked the westbound lanes on the eastern span of the bridge, just before Treasure Island, according to the California Highway Patrol, causing delays during the busiest part of the morning commute.

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Some protesters chained themselves together on the road, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Pictures of the protesters with their arms crossed and visible through open windows of multiple stopped cars indicate this.

The Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC) used social media to clarify that the 200 or so protesters were acting in response to what they see as a genocide occurring in Gaza. They specifically highlighted their dissatisfaction during President Joe Biden’s social event hosting in San Francisco.

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A banner bearing the words “Biden Harris: Ceasefire Now” was unveiled by the group during the protest and others carried a banner that said, “No to US military aid to Israel.” Some demonstrators even organized a “die-in” on the street, dressing in white sheets and holding signs that said “11,000 dead.”

Drivers were seen reversing at the Bay Bridge toll plaza in an attempt to get out of the gridlock created by the demonstration. There appeared to be additional problems for commuters departing San Francisco as a result of the demonstration for eastbound traffic on the bridge.

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Some of the people who were stuck on the bridge for almost two hours took advantage of the beautiful scenery that could be seen from the eastern span, making the most of their predicament while they stayed still throughout the protest action.