“RIP Ted” began trending on Twitter after the sad demise of legendary Philadelphia high school sports reporter, Ted Silary on Thursday. However, only his first name began trending with the phrase “RIP” people began assuming that Texas Senator Ted Cruz had died.

However, the people were quick to realize that it was not the case and most of the liberals were left disappointed upon finding out that Cruz was still alive.

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Here are some of the hilarious reactions from people who realized that it was just a hoax and that the Republican politician was alive and well:

Who was Ted Silary?

The person, however, whom the trend was truly meant for was Ted Silary who died at the age of 72. Silary was a longtime Philadelphia high school sports reporter who had previously worked for The Philadelphia Bulletin and then The Philadelphia Daily News.

Everything related to Philadelphia high school sports could be found on his website. “The site, a Mount Everest of information staring at you right from the home page, wasn’t just living history. It was a bulletin board for a community,” Mike Jensen of The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote back in 2019, shortly after Silary announced that he would no longer be adding to the page. “Maybe the best part of the site is that you didn’t have to be the best player in the city to get your recognition. It’s one thing to have a list of top Philadelphia scorers from 2000 through 2015. It’s quite another to list everyone who scored at least 15 points a game.”

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Many tributes started pouring in after Silary’s death. Here are some of them: