Ana Walshe, a missing Massachusetts woman wrote a note for her husband
Brian Walshe on New Year’s Eve.

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“Wow! 2022…What a year! And yet, we are still here and
together! Let’s make 2023 the best one yet! We are the authors of our
lives…courage, love, perseverance, compassion, and joy. Love, Ana” wrote Ana Walshe.

She wrote this note with a red marker on a bottle of
champagne that was kept in the Walshe house’s dining room. On the reverse of
champagne’s reverse, “Gem Ana Brian 2023!”

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One of their family friends Gem Mutlu, who visited the couple’s
house on New Year’s Eve in an interview said, “We hugged and celebrated and we
toasted, just what you do over New Year’s. There was a lot of looking forward
to the New Year. There was no indication of anything other than celebrating the
New Year, problems on hold.”

Brian Walshe claimed that his wife woke him up at 6 am on
January 1 and informed him that she had a work emergency in Washington, DC because
of which she had to leave for the Logan International Airport, Boston. According
to Brian Walshe, it was the last time when he saw his wife.

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He then reported her wife Ana Walshe missing on January 4,
2023. Police suspect that Ana Walshe’s husband is behind her going missing. They
also discovered a broken knife and blood in their house’s basement. According to
the reports, Brian Walshe searched online, “how to dispose of a 115-pound
woman’s body.” He was also seen buying cleaning supplies on surveillance
footage at Rockland Home Depot.

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Brian was arrested on January 8, 2023, for misleading the authorities during the
investigation. He’s held on a bail amount of $500,000.