Following a concert at The Brooklyn Mirage, a senior analyst for Goldman Sachs vanished early on Saturday morning, according to authorities and law enforcement sources.

Who is John Castic?

According to the NYPD and his “best friend” Sara Kostecka, John Castic, 27, vanished after leaving the popular Williamsburg hangout after a concert by the electronic band Zeds Dead at around three in the morning.

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In a Facebook post on Monday, Kostecka divulged information regarding Castic’s abduction and said the two were meant to be present at her brother’s forthcoming wedding.

“Any information would be greatly appreciated, as well as sharing this to anyone in NYC that might have seen him,” Kostecka said.

“I’ve heard rumors from people about being asked to hop in a taxi/ cab from some creepy people near the Mirage – reminder to stay safe and check in on your friends,” she additionally wrote. I’m supposed to walk with him in my brothers wedding next week.. we just wanna find John.”

Castic, who lives in Lower Manhattan, is described as 6-foot-3 and 180 pounds, police said.

The Illinois native graduated from DePaul University and started working at Goldman Sachs in August.

According to authorities, his last known location was close to 1133 Grand Street, which is around half a mile from the music hall.

According to a missing person flyer, he was last seen wearing khaki trousers and a white and navy blue flowery blouse.

Castic’s phone died after he left the theatre, according to a different acquaintance, and hasn’t been powered on since.

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The Brooklyn Mirage is one of three concert venues housed at the Avant Gardner, with a capacity for 6,000 people. Castic is the second individual to go missing in recent weeks after visiting one of these venues.

When the other man, Karl Clemente, 27, went to a concert with other pals on June 11, electronic music journal EDM Identity stated, citing a friend’s Facebook post, “he allegedly drank alcohol” and was sent away from the location.