Scott Riley Lassiter, a former Apex City Councilman and current Wake County assistant principal, has found himself thrust into the spotlight as he takes legal action against North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore. Lassiter has filed a detailed lawsuit against Moore, along with an unidentified John Doe defendant, alleging a range of claims including alienation of affections and civil conspiracy.

The court documents, recently obtained by Channel 9, outline Lassiter’s allegations that Moore, a Republican representing Cleveland County, engaged in an extramarital affair with Lassiter’s wife, Jamie Liles Lassiter.

The lawsuit asserts that Moore exploited his influential position as Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives to initiate contact and establish a personal relationship with Mrs. Lassiter, despite being fully aware of her marriage to Lassiter.

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The lawsuit sheds light on Lassiter’s assertion that he had heard rumors regarding his wife’s involvement with Moore. Determined to uncover the truth, Lassiter conducted surveillance on December 21, 2022, when his wife claimed to be going to a movie with a friend.

Shockingly, Lassiter discovered that she instead had dinner with Moore at a steakhouse in Raleigh. Further investigation revealed that they subsequently spent hours together at Moore’s residence, leading Lassiter to believe that his wife and Moore had engaged in sexual activity.

On December 22, Lassiter confronted his wife, who allegedly admitted to the extramarital affair. According to the lawsuit, Mrs. Lassiter confessed to a three-year affair that involved sexual encounters not only with Moore but also with other individuals seeking political favor from him. She expressed fear that severing ties with Moore would jeopardize her job, given his alleged ability to exert influence in her workplace.

Seeking resolution, Lassiter arranged a meeting with Moore on December 26 at a Biscuitville in Raleigh. During this encounter, Moore admitted to having a multi-year sexual relationship with Mrs. Lassiter. Shockingly, Moore concluded the meeting by asking Lassiter if there was anything he could do to benefit him, implying the potential use of his Speaker position for personal gain.

Despite their attempts at therapeutic counseling, the strain on the Lassiters’ marriage proved insurmountable, leading them to decide on separation. Adding to the already contentious situation, Lassiter’s lawsuit alleges that an unknown individual installed a camera on his property to gather incriminating evidence against him. Lassiter claims that Moore, either directly or through a proxy, orchestrated this invasive act to dissuade him from pursuing legal action.

Channel 9 reached out to Moore’s office for comment, but as of now, no response has been received. Moore’s attorney, however, issued a statement to WRAL in Raleigh, categorically denying the allegations and expressing confidence in Moore’s eventual vindication.

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Mrs. Lassiter also provided a statement to WRAL, asserting that the claims are not only false but also impossible due to their separation and ongoing divorce process.

As the legal battle intensifies, Scott Lassiter seeks over $200,000 in damages as he endeavors to hold Tim Moore accountable for the alleged affair and its consequential impact on his personal life. The case has generated significant public attention, casting a spotlight on the abuse of power and the importance of integrity within the state’s political landscape. The outcome of this high-profile lawsuit will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for all parties involved.