Police from all across the state are looking for Terran Green, 34, who is suspected of shooting a Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputy during a traffic stop on Wednesday night.

Deputy Joseph Anderson, 29, was doing well and recuperating as of Thursday afternoon. Sheriff of Harris County Ed Gonzalez claimed to have been shot at least twice and undergone surgery soon after the shooting.

Who is Terran Green?

Terran Green is characterised as being of Black descent, standing at 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighing roughly 180 pounds. He has brown eyes and black hair. At the time of the incident, he was sporting a grey shirt and black shorts.

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A Blue Alert was issued for Terran Green around three hours after the incident, and then James Green was added just before two in the morning. James Green was later exonerated. When somebody are suspected of hurting or killing members of the federal, state, or local law enforcement community, blue alerts are sent out to help find them.

People are requested to inform Crime Stoppers, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office of the Houston Police Department, if they have any information about Terran Green’s whereabouts. Several organisations have declared financial rewards in the case. The reward for information that results in Terran Green’s arrest is up to $45,000.

While his older brother was questioned and then freed, Terran Green has not been located. James Green, 37, said that he shot Anderson while riding in the car with his brother. He was initially listed as a suspect, but later it emerged out he was only a passenger.

After being cleared, James Green spoke with KHOU 11 News reporter Anayeli Ruiz. He didn’t explain where his brother was, but he did indicate that when the incident occurred, he was out running errands with him. Because he had been shot a few weeks prior, he claimed to be taking medication.

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Authorities allegedly searched James Green’s home early on Thursday. He claimed that before being let go, they had him in for interrogation. He is not being prosecuted.

The car Terran Green was driving at the time of the shooting was initially thought to have been lost, but it was eventually discovered at an apartment complex on West Airtex Boulevard, north of the Beltway and slightly west of the North Motorway.

According to Crime Stoppers’ Andy Kahan, Terran Green had an extensive criminal history and an active arrest warrant when he started shooting at Anderson. It might be one of the causes of the constable being shot, according to Kahan.

A 2007 criminal record is part of Terran Green’s past. According to documents, he was accused with theft, narcotics possession, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and fleeing arrest. At least three times, he was imprisoned. His inability to appear in court was the reason for the outstanding arrest warrant.

Kahan said he wishes Terran Green wasn’t let out on bond or was given a higher bond.