In a rare incident, the wife of a Chicago firefighter died in a house fire in Northwest Side, Thursday, a little while after her 7-year-old son died in the same blaze.

Summer Day-Stewart, 36, the wife of local firefighter Walter Stewart died at 7:30 p.m, following her son Ezra who died Wednesday. Day-Stewart and all three of her children suffered from smoke inhalation in a fire that was started in the house on Tuesday night.  The couple’s 2-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter remain in critical condition. They fell unconscious since the fire broke out.

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Who is Walter Stewart?

Walter was on duty when he came across the news of the fire breaking out at his house. Although his truck was assigned to flame, he left in an SUV with the battalion chief after recognizing his home address over the radio.

According to fire department spokesman Larry Langford, Stewart performed CPR on his wife at the scene. “It’s a living hell he’s going through right now,” Union Local 2 spokesperson Pat Quane told FOX 32 Chicago.4

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A fundraiser supporting the family has been set up. The organizers wrote that the Stewart family is facing an “unspeakable tragedy.” Jim Tracy, president of Chicago Fire Fighters Union Local 2, encouraged people to support the family. “Every member of Local 2 and the Department mourns with our brother Walter and the Stewart family,” Tracy said in a statement Thursday. “This tragedy weighs heavy on our hearts, and we pledge our ongoing support.”

There has been no word about the couple’s other two children, aged 2 and 7. Officials from the Chicago Fire Department, however, said on Thursday that they were still in an “extremely critical condition” and had been unconscious since the fire.

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The family did have smoke detectors in their home, according to the fire officials. A representative for the fire department earlier said that early findings suggested that the fire started in the kitchen.

The examination into the accident, the origin of which is still unknown, was put on hold on Friday. Officials suggested that it’s likely that investigators will conduct a forensic analysis in the future.